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Interface CustomReadonlyEditorProvider<T>

Provider for readonly custom editors that use a custom document model.

Custom editors use CustomDocument as their document model instead of a TextDocument.

You should use this type of custom editor when dealing with binary files or more complex scenarios. For simple text based documents, use CustomTextEditorProvider instead.

Type parameters





  • Create a new document for a given resource.

    openCustomDocument is called when the first time an editor for a given resource is opened. The opened document is then passed to resolveCustomEditor so that the editor can be shown to the user.

    Already opened CustomDocument are re-used if the user opened additional editors. When all editors for a given resource are closed, the CustomDocument is disposed of. Opening an editor at this point will trigger another call to openCustomDocument.


    • uri: Uri

      Uri of the document to open.

    • openContext: CustomDocumentOpenContext

      Additional information about the opening custom document.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token that indicates the result is no longer needed.

    Returns T | Thenable<T>

    The custom document.


  • Resolve a custom editor for a given resource.

    This is called whenever the user opens a new editor for this CustomEditorProvider.


    • document: T

      Document for the resource being resolved.

    • webviewPanel: WebviewPanel

      The webview panel used to display the editor UI for this resource.

      During resolve, the provider must fill in the initial html for the content webview panel and hook up all the event listeners on it that it is interested in. The provider can also hold onto the WebviewPanel to use later for example in a command. See WebviewPanel for additional details.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token that indicates the result is no longer needed.

    Returns void | Thenable<void>

    Optional thenable indicating that the custom editor has been resolved.

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