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Interface WebviewPanel

A panel that contains a webview.


  • WebviewPanel



Readonly viewType

viewType: string

Identifies the type of the webview panel, such as 'markdown.preview'.


title: string

Title of the panel shown in UI.

Optional iconPath

iconPath: Uri | { light: Uri; dark: Uri }

Icon for the panel shown in UI.

Readonly webview

webview: Webview

Webview belonging to the panel.

Readonly options

Content settings for the webview panel.

Readonly viewColumn

viewColumn: undefined | ViewColumn

Editor position of the panel. This property is only set if the webview is in one of the editor view columns.

Readonly active

active: boolean

Whether the panel is active (focused by the user).

Readonly visible

visible: boolean

Whether the panel is visible.

Readonly onDidChangeViewState

Fired when the panel's view state changes.

Readonly onDidDispose

onDidDispose: Event<void>

Fired when the panel is disposed.

This may be because the user closed the panel or because .dispose() was called on it.

Trying to use the panel after it has been disposed throws an exception.



  • reveal(viewColumn?: ViewColumn, preserveFocus?: boolean): void
  • Show the webview panel in a given column.

    A webview panel may only show in a single column at a time. If it is already showing, this method moves it to a new column.


    • Optional viewColumn: ViewColumn

      View column to show the panel in. Shows in the current viewColumn if undefined.

    • Optional preserveFocus: boolean

      When true, the webview will not take focus.

    Returns void


  • dispose(): any
  • Dispose of the webview panel.

    This closes the panel if it showing and disposes of the resources owned by the webview. Webview panels are also disposed when the user closes the webview panel. Both cases fire the onDispose event.

    Returns any

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