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Interface CustomTextEditorProvider

Provider for text based custom editors.

Text based custom editors use a TextDocument as their data model. This considerably simplifies implementing a custom editor as it allows the editor to handle many common operations such as undo and backup. The provider is responsible for synchronizing text changes between the webview and the TextDocument.


  • CustomTextEditorProvider





  • Resolve a custom editor for a given text resource.

    This is called when a user first opens a resource for a CustomTextEditorProvider, or if they reopen an existing editor using this CustomTextEditorProvider.


    • document: TextDocument

      Document for the resource to resolve.

    • webviewPanel: WebviewPanel

      The webview panel used to display the editor UI for this resource.

      During resolve, the provider must fill in the initial html for the content webview panel and hook up all the event listeners on it that it is interested in. The provider can also hold onto the WebviewPanel to use later for example in a command. See WebviewPanel for additional details.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token that indicates the result is no longer needed.

    Returns void | Thenable<void>

    Thenable indicating that the custom editor has been resolved.

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