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Interface CodeActionProviderMetadata

Metadata about the type of code actions that a CodeActionProvider provides.


  • CodeActionProviderMetadata



Optional Readonly providedCodeActionKinds

providedCodeActionKinds: readonly CodeActionKind[]

List of CodeActionKinds that a CodeActionProvider may return.

This list is used to determine if a given CodeActionProvider should be invoked or not. To avoid unnecessary computation, every CodeActionProvider should list use providedCodeActionKinds. The list of kinds may either be generic, such as [CodeActionKind.Refactor], or list out every kind provided, such as [CodeActionKind.Refactor.Extract.append('function'), CodeActionKind.Refactor.Extract.append('constant'), ...].

Optional Readonly documentation

documentation: readonly { kind: CodeActionKind; command: Command }[]

Static documentation for a class of code actions.

Documentation from the provider is shown in the code actions menu if either:

  • Code actions of kind are requested by the editor. In this case, the editor will show the documentation that most closely matches the requested code action kind. For example, if a provider has documentation for both Refactor and RefactorExtract, when the user requests code actions for RefactorExtract, the editor will use the documentation for RefactorExtract instead of the documentation for Refactor.

  • Any code actions of kind are returned by the provider.

At most one documentation entry will be shown per provider.

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