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Interface CodeActionProvider<T>

Provides contextual actions for code. Code actions typically either fix problems or beautify/refactor code.

Code actions are surfaced to users in a few different ways:

  • The lightbulb feature, which shows a list of code actions at the current cursor position. The lightbulb's list of actions includes both quick fixes and refactorings.
  • As commands that users can run, such as Refactor. Users can run these from the command palette or with keybindings.
  • As source actions, such Organize Imports.
  • Quick fixes are shown in the problems view.
  • Change applied on save by the editor.codeActionsOnSave setting.

Type parameters


  • CodeActionProvider




  • Get code actions for a given range in a document.

    Only return code actions that are relevant to user for the requested range. Also keep in mind how the returned code actions will appear in the UI. The lightbulb widget and Refactor commands for instance show returned code actions as a list, so do not return a large number of code actions that will overwhelm the user.


    • document: TextDocument

      The document in which the command was invoked.

    • range: Range | Selection

      The selector or range for which the command was invoked. This will always be a selection if the actions are being requested in the currently active editor.

    • context: CodeActionContext

      Provides additional information about what code actions are being requested. You can use this to see what specific type of code actions are being requested by the editor in order to return more relevant actions and avoid returning irrelevant code actions that the editor will discard.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token.

    Returns ProviderResult<(Command | T)[]>

    An array of code actions, such as quick fixes or refactorings. The lack of a result can be signaled by returning undefined, null, or an empty array.

    We also support returning Command for legacy reasons, however all new extensions should return CodeAction object instead.

Optional resolveCodeAction

  • Given a code action fill in its edit-property. Changes to all other properties, like title, are ignored. A code action that has an edit will not be resolved.

    Note that a code action provider that returns commands, not code actions, cannot successfully implement this function. Returning commands is deprecated and instead code actions should be returned.


    Returns ProviderResult<T>

    The resolved code action or a thenable that resolves to such. It is OK to return the given item. When no result is returned, the given item will be used.

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