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Interface TaskPresentationOptions

Controls how the task is presented in the UI.


  • TaskPresentationOptions



Optional reveal

Controls whether the task output is reveal in the user interface. Defaults to RevealKind.Always.

Optional echo

echo: boolean

Controls whether the command associated with the task is echoed in the user interface.

Optional focus

focus: boolean

Controls whether the panel showing the task output is taking focus.

Optional panel

Controls if the task panel is used for this task only (dedicated), shared between tasks (shared) or if a new panel is created on every task execution (new). Defaults to TaskInstanceKind.Shared

Optional showReuseMessage

showReuseMessage: boolean

Controls whether to show the "Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it" message.

Optional clear

clear: boolean

Controls whether the terminal is cleared before executing the task.

Optional close

close: boolean

Controls whether the terminal is closed after executing the task.

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