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Interface Tab

Represents a tab within a group of tabs. Tabs are merely the graphical representation within the editor area. A backing editor is not a guarantee.


  • Tab



Readonly label

label: string

The text displayed on the tab.

Readonly group

group: TabGroup

The group which the tab belongs to.

Readonly input

input: unknown

Defines the structure of the tab i.e. text, notebook, custom, etc. Resource and other useful properties are defined on the tab kind.

Readonly isActive

isActive: boolean

Whether or not the tab is currently active. This is dictated by being the selected tab in the group.

Readonly isDirty

isDirty: boolean

Whether or not the dirty indicator is present on the tab.

Readonly isPinned

isPinned: boolean

Whether or not the tab is pinned (pin icon is present).

Readonly isPreview

isPreview: boolean

Whether or not the tab is in preview mode.

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