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Interface SourceControl

An source control is able to provide resource states to the editor and interact with the editor in several source control related ways.


  • SourceControl



Readonly id

id: string

The id of this source control.

Readonly label

label: string

The human-readable label of this source control.

Readonly rootUri

rootUri: undefined | Uri

The (optional) Uri of the root of this source control.

Readonly inputBox

The input box for this source control.

Optional count

count: number

The UI-visible count of resource states of this source control.

If undefined, this source control will

  • display its UI-visible count as zero, and
  • contribute the count of its resource states to the UI-visible aggregated count for all source controls

Optional quickDiffProvider

quickDiffProvider: QuickDiffProvider

An optional quick diff provider.

Optional commitTemplate

commitTemplate: string

Optional commit template string.

The Source Control viewlet will populate the Source Control input with this value when appropriate.

Optional acceptInputCommand

acceptInputCommand: Command

Optional accept input command.

This command will be invoked when the user accepts the value in the Source Control input.

Optional statusBarCommands

statusBarCommands: Command[]

Optional status bar commands.

These commands will be displayed in the editor's status bar.




  • dispose(): void

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