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Interface ShellExecutionOptions

Options for a shell execution


  • ShellExecutionOptions



Optional executable

executable: string

The shell executable.

Optional shellArgs

shellArgs: string[]

The arguments to be passed to the shell executable used to run the task. Most shells require special arguments to execute a command. For example bash requires the -c argument to execute a command, PowerShell requires -Command and cmd requires both /d and /c.

Optional shellQuoting

shellQuoting: ShellQuotingOptions

The shell quotes supported by this shell.

Optional cwd

cwd: string

The current working directory of the executed shell. If omitted the tools current workspace root is used.

Optional env

env: {}

The additional environment of the executed shell. If omitted the parent process' environment is used. If provided it is merged with the parent process' environment.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string

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