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Interface NotebookDocumentShowOptions

Represents options to configure the behavior of showing a notebook document in an notebook editor.


  • NotebookDocumentShowOptions



Optional Readonly viewColumn

viewColumn: ViewColumn

An optional view column in which the notebook editor should be shown. The default is the active. Columns that do not exist will be created as needed up to the maximum of ViewColumn.Nine. Use ViewColumn.Beside to open the editor to the side of the currently active one.

Optional Readonly preserveFocus

preserveFocus: boolean

An optional flag that when true will stop the notebook editor from taking focus.

Optional Readonly preview

preview: boolean

An optional flag that controls if an notebook editor-tab shows as preview. Preview tabs will be replaced and reused until set to stay - either explicitly or through editing. The default behaviour depends on the workbench.editor.enablePreview-setting.

Optional Readonly selections

selections: readonly NotebookRange[]

An optional selection to apply for the document in the notebook editor.

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