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Interface NotebookCell

Represents a cell of a notebook, either a code-cell or markup-cell.

NotebookCell instances are immutable and are kept in sync for as long as they are part of their notebook.


  • NotebookCell



Readonly index

index: number

The index of this cell in its containing notebook. The index is updated when a cell is moved within its notebook. The index is -1 when the cell has been removed from its notebook.

Readonly notebook

The notebook that contains this cell.

Readonly kind

The kind of this cell.

Readonly document

document: TextDocument

The text of this cell, represented as text document.

Readonly metadata

metadata: {}

The metadata of this cell. Can be anything but must be JSON-stringifyable.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any

Readonly outputs

outputs: readonly NotebookCellOutput[]

The outputs of this cell.

Readonly executionSummary

executionSummary: undefined | NotebookCellExecutionSummary

The most recent execution summary for this cell.

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